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Amadeity via its Academy offers online Professional courses and mentoring in Healing, Breathwork and Psychic Mediumship. You get Immediate access to your chosen course on registration with ongoing support.

Courses Lead to full accredited membership of Amadeity.

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Breathwork Therapy

Spirit Breath was developed by the founder of Amadeity it is a culmination of his 40 years of experience in spiritual and personal development.

It is a powerful tool used as a spiritual and therapeutic practice to induce altered states of consciousness, and promote inner exploration, expansion and healing. The Spirit Breath technique is gentle and powerful and may help with a range of conditions (see services)

The gentle soft breathing and suggestions lead you into a deep altered state of consciousness, opening many options to explore your inner world, and may help in healing of past traumas, anxiety, or may assist you in healing or coping better with current physical health issues.

For those interested in Spiritual development, Spirit Breath has many powerful facets to awaken the Divine within you, thus opening your connection to yourself the universe and all the innate abilities available to you.

It can be used to navigate and to calm the physical, mental, emotional and energy challenges of a Spiritual Awakening or dark night of the soul.

For those who would like to begin their Spiritual journey with a Kundalini or Spiritual Awakening the technique of Shakti Activation is for you. (see services)


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Spiritual Community

My Spiritual Friends is a platform dedicated to Spirituality and Development.

It is FREE to join.

You will get access to your own profile, be able create your own page to advertise yourself, create groups. add friends, private message each other using Text, Voice or Video. Livestream your message across the platform, all for free. Register today and join this fast growing platform dedicated to Spiritual development.

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Awaken the Divine within


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