Not for Profit Spiritual Organisation



Amadeity is a Not for Profit Spiritual organisation.


As a membership organisation we are committed to providing Psychic Medium Development training, and Spiritual Healing Development training to all of our members.



Professional Psychic Medium Development Course (MD-1) is FREE

Professional Healer Development Course (HD-1

Both may lead to certification and Full Membership of Amadeity 


Online Church

We have weekly online Spiritual Services with a Guest Medium. This is Free and open to all who wish to attend. Join our community for details.



We have a range of Online Therapies available at very reasonable rates. Including;

Shakti Breathwork

Shakti Primal Breath

Shakti Breath Therapy

Shakti Chakra Balance

Standard Breathwork

Spirit Release Therapy

Amadeity Aims & Objectives
  1. To Inspire and Empower Individuals to express their Divinity.

  2. To provide/acquire suitable building /places both Online and Offline for use in furthering our aims and objectives.

  3. To provide Psychic Medium Development Training to those who feel drawn to it.

  4. To provide Healer Development Training to those who feel drawn to it.

  5. To provide a Worldwide Healing service for all those who require it, regardless of ability to pay.

  6. To provide a Worldwide Spirit Release service for all those who require it, regardless of ability to pay.

  7. To provide a Worldwide Medium-ship service for all those who require it, regardless of ability to pay.

  8. To support members in their personal and spiritual development.

  9. To provide membership registration and support for Healers and Mediums

  10. To seek methods of Fund raising to enable us to achieve all our objectives.

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About me

I spent 10 years as an Agoraphobic  with daily Anxiety / Panic attacks plus 5 Years spent almost completely housebound, before overcoming this debilitating condition. I have been Anxiety and Panic attack and medication free for over 25 years.

As a direct result of this experience, I set out on a voyage of discovery looking for answers, looking for techniques, looking for someone to cure me. Instead I was led on a voyage of self discovery, that led me here to help you.

Getting Help

Amadeity is here to serve you, we provide Membership to experienced Mediums and Healers, we provide Professional training, mentorship and support in our community of like minded people. many of our online groups are open to non members so do please register to get access to see how we may be able to help you. We look forward to meeting you!


Online Service


Online Courses


Online Community


Online Circle



Fantastic group, so much learning and development opportunities. Wonderful people, great support and healing.

Ashley  UK