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Spiritual Breathworker



  1. To Inspire you.

  2. To Give purpose to your life.

  3. To Free you from the trauma of the past

  4. To Heal, physically, mentally and emotionally.

  5. To Guide you on your personal Journey.

  6. To offer Membership registration and support to  Breathworkers around the world.



Breathe & Heal

includes, gentle slow breathing, Guided Relaxation and transmission of Healing Vibrations. It can be used for Physical Mental or Emotional Healing and usually will affect all three.

Session Explained

You will be required to consciously control your breath  and focus on the purpose and intention you set. May bring about a powerful release of Trauma

Breathwork Session

Dynamic Breathing Techniques, Powerful Suggestions and Healing Vibrations. Combine to assist in the Release of Trauma, self sabotage, self doubt and to open you to self confidence, self acceptance and self love.

Primal Breathwork

Tap into the creative force of life Shakti (sexual energy) using your breath it flows freely dissolving, shame guilt, anger, and regrets, Healing through Pleasure

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