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Spiritual Guidance

Life with all of its ups and downs can be very challenging, and sometimes leaves us feeling confused, lost and frightened.

Spiritual Guidance can be invaluable during the darker times as we struggle with powerful and sometimes scary emotions pulling us in different directions and sometimes a long way from where we wish to be. Don't worry you will find Guidance in our Self Help pages you also can request one to one Guidance with our online Spiritual Counselling service.

So how can Spiritual Guidance Help

We often feel like we have a never ending battle going on within us, no matter how hard we try 'things' seem to conspire against us and defeat us or at least delay us.

We strive to be loving, understanding and compassionate, but it can feel like a constant uphill struggle where remaining positive can be a trial in itself.

Understanding our true nature, brings a new perspective on the trials and tribulations that we face in our daily lives no matter how difficult those trials maybe. We find ourselves being able to find peace even in noisy, distracting or difficult circumstances.

Through understanding ourselves better, we are better able to understand others and therefore we are able to be more compassionate and understanding, more responsive and less reactive to people and situations, this alone can help relieve a great deal of stress from our lives.

The Spiritual Guidance that we offer will help you to realize that You have the power, the ability to be or to have anything you wish to have or be. You have the creative power to choose, what you see, what you think, what you perceive and therefore what you experience.

When you have the ability to choose what you experience, you have far more control over your life.

Spiritual Guidance in a Crisis

A crisis in life can come in many different forms and usually with devastating consequences for us or for those around us.


A crisis in our life is often the catalyst that causes us to look for greater depth and meaning in our lives.


Loss of a loved one

Terminal Illness


Life changing Injury / Illness

Failed Relationships

Overwhelm with Stress or anxiety

The above examples are just a few of the situations that can lead to a Crisis.

Spiritual Guidance can be crucial in these instances and can help us find our way out much more quickly than if we are left to figure it out for ourselves. I am confident that you will find the Guidance that you seek here.

A Spiritual Path our Guidance

Walking a spiritual path is never easy, for as we progress on our journey it seems that the universe pushes harder and harder and the challenges we have to face and overcome get more difficult, sometimes we feel overwhelmed by them, as if we are just not ready. This can lead to apparent failure and the feeling that we are just not good enough to walk the spiritual path.

Does this sound familiar!

With the Guidance given within these pages your spiritual path is about to become easier. You will find helpful, practical advice, exercises and insights that will make your journey easier.

Whether you are new to Spiritual Development looking for some easy to follow Guidance, or whether you are well and truly on your Spiritual Journey you will find something to help you to be your authentic spiritual self.

Learn to Choose what you Experience

Guidance in a spiritual Crisis

A Spiritual Awakening, sometimes called the 'Dark Night of the Soul' can create a serious Spiritual Crisis.

This most often occurs with individuals who develop on their own with no Spiritual Guidance. These individuals can quickly be overwhelmed by what feels like an onslaught of energies and emotions as they become more and more sensitised and empathetic.

This can lead to Emotional burnout, physical illness and more frequently Mental Health issues, most often experienced through Anxiety, Panic Attacks and or Depression.

For the Spiritual Seeker this can be an incredibly painful and terrifying episode in their life where they literally feel as if they are going mad.

If this sounds like you then there is specific help available throughout this site including personal one to one Guidance if required.


What Makes our Spiritual Guidance Unique?

Life is full of unexpected twists and turns, it is not all Love and Light.

In these troubled times there is a worldwide shift toward Spirituality, more and more people are seeking answers to life's purpose.

Our guidance is unique because we give you the tools necessary to fully express your divinity in all aspects of your life, we remove the window dressing, we explain the reality of living in a dualistic world with its positive and negative attributes. The insight and understanding gained will enable you to master the ebb and flow of life as the Powerful Divine being that you are.

Our Spiritual Guidance will enable you to overcome self-destructive tendencies, understand and ultimately take responsibility for your emotional responses and reactions. It will release you from deep rooted sub conscious fears and limitations.

It will enable you to blossom and grow with confidence in your own ability to make decisions, and to know that you are expressing your authentic divine essence in all areas of your life.

I look forward to assisting you on your journey.

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