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The Dictionary defines Healing as ‘to restore to health’; ‘to cure’; ‘to set right’; ‘to become whole and sound’; ‘to repair by natural processes’.

So what is my view on What Spiritual Healing is:

Even after 40 years of being involved with Healing, words cannot fully convey the beauty the majesty the power of what can and does transpire, in the magical dynamic of the healer patient relationship.


For it is akin to Love, which poets, musicians, writers and philosophers have attempted to convey in a myriad of ways, but no matter how beautiful their  illustration of Love is, it is always the finite trying to explain the infinite, or the microcosm trying to understand the macrocosm.


With our physically limited Mind, our limited emotions, our limited senses and our limited ability to express what we see, feel, sense and know, it is almost impossible to understand the concept of what Spiritual Healing Is.

Bearing that in mind i offer the following:

The physical body with all of its organs and its automatic systems is to me on its own a living miracle.


That which we see, feel and touch is solid and real, and we could easily be forgiven for being in awe of the body, and for believing that this vehicle is who and what we are.

Yet with minimum effort we can easily discover that within every Solid physical part of "us" the components that create it, and make it solid are millions of Atoms, what are atoms, what do they consist of?


All basic Atoms which are the building blocks of all physical things, are made of minute Electrical particles called Electrons, Protons and Neutrons, now because they are all electrical, Atoms are by Nature energy.


Every single thing in the world is created by atoms linked in various combinations, therefore everything in the world is created by Energy.

Every single Atom is organized and intelligent, it's as if this energy has an intelligence within it that guides it.

This energy cannot be created or destroyed, but depending on the influence of other Atoms this energy can transmute or change. As in the combination of two hydrogen atoms and  one oxygen atom which creates Water and is recognised by the symbol H2 O , this is the basics of all that we know that exists.

So for me this basic understanding that everything is Energy leads me to the conclusion that healing too is Energy.

As healers we learn to attune to the universal energy fields that are at the centre of all life.


In attuning with it, we  learn that through intelligent direction via Intention and Focus, we can sense energy and manipulate it.


Our manipulation of it however is limited by natural law, the very laws that are themselves created by a universal intelligence, although we are intrinsically connected to this universal intelligence, we are limited in our ability to understand it, due to the limits of our Mind and the lack of awareness of our true spiritual nature.

As we become more self aware , we expand our understanding and our ability to attune to this universal energy, and to be at one with the universal intelligence that creates and sustains all life.


The more aware we become and the more we practice our skills at tuning into the universal energy and intelligence, and the more we learn to manipulate this energy through the practice of focused intention the more adept as a healer we will become.

Our intention as a healer then is to attune to the source of all life, be at one with the intelligence that governs it and to work within the framework of natural law to bring about all the benefits that we are capable of bringing about, through this practice of Healing.

In this context Spiritual healing is as natural as the energy and the laws that create the air that we breathe.

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