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Shakti Breathwork

The goal of Shakti Breathwork is to merge Shiva (masculine energy) and Shakti (feminine energy).

In the physical world through the sexual act, when a male and a female come together (the union of Shiva & Shakti), the full power of creative manifestation can be seen through the creation of new life. ​

Shiva and Shakti may be seen or experienced as polarity, male and female positive and negative, light, and dark, good, and bad, pleasure and pain, joy and sadness, Heaven and Earth. It is therefore symbolic of duality and the perceived nature of life.

For most of us, the reality of our life is created and experienced through the swing back and forth between these two opposites. We therefore experience pleasure and pain, joy and sadness and accept these things as a part of our normal reality.

Through the power of Shakti Breathwork and conscious surrender to the Shakti energy (divine feminine) we can create our own reality.

Shakti Breathwork makes use of the creative force of life (sexual energy) allowing it to flow freely uninhibited so that it may dissolve, shame guilt, anger, and regrets, whilst creating, joy, pleasure, bliss, ecstasy, euphoria, and creativity.


Shakti breathwork is not for everyone, if you are broad minded, have a willingness to explore your inner world, and a willingness to release yourself from shame, guilt, and inhibitions, and are willing to invite and welcome Joy, pleasure, and ecstasy into your life and have the courage to surrender to all that your divine feminine energy can bring to you. Then it is for you, there is not a more powerful creative energy than the uninhibited flow of the Divine Feminine Energy.

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