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Spiritual Suffering

Spiritual Suffering is not something that any normal or sane person would consciously choose, and yet we all suffer.

Suffering is born of the separation from who we truly are. We are born into this world and instantly forget the source from which we have come, and it is through this separation that suffering is born.

Spiritual Suffering the Illusion

Spiritual suffering what is the illusion?

Separation is the belief that we are individuals with our own unique individual character, and personality traits. It is the illusion that our body, our mind, our thoughts, our emotions is who we are.

It is the illusion that the material possessions we own, the knowledge we have attained, the Job we do, how many friends we have, how much we have traveled, how much money we have in the bank. What background we come from etc defines who we are.

Separation comes from the illusion that what we think, what we feel, what we experience is the reality of who we are.

Separation comes from believing that we have control over our thoughts and our actions even over our own will.

These illusions are all deeply rooted within our Ego, some ideas, some thoughts are so deeply rooted that we are prepared to die for them, or to kill to defend them.

Society measures the success of a man or woman by the standard of their education, their work and their financial achievements. Those who lack education, have no job, and have no obvious signs of financial achievement or success are deemed failures, and are largely thrown on the human scrap heap.

Spiritual Suffering and the Ego

Even within the Spiritual field EGO Rules, where your success and spirituality is measured by whether you have written a book (s), worked on a platform, done a tour, own a retreat, or school, been trained by x, y or z. Which Guru or belief system you follow, and how many followers you have, whether you have a website or a blog etc.

All the while the Ego rules there will be separation and suffering, for all the while the Ego rules the illusion is in place.

The Ego keeps us from knowing the truth, it holds us prisoners in a world of duality, it keeps us from realising and actualising the essence of who we are.

The ego seduces us into believing the illusions of self value, and self worth based on the principals of the material and dualistic world.

So instead of living in a world of unity and harmony we live in a world of fear, lack and desire.

A world of pain, anxiety, and suffering

Until we let go of the Ego, until we put away our own foolish system of Hierarchy based on false ideas, false beliefs, false expectations and false values, separation and suffering will continue.

Spiritual Suffering and our Will

Our purpose here on earth is to put aside our own Will which is full of limitations and poor judgement and to surrender to God's Will.

This was expressed in the Lord's prayer Thousands of Years ago "Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven"

This is our reason for being here, this is our sole purpose, to realise and actualise through God's Will, Heaven on Earth.

Suffering is a safety feature built in to the scheme or the great plan of life here on earth, through the suffering of mankind, the suffering of the animal kingdom and indeed the suffering of nature we can easily see, easily measure what work is still to be done, suffering on any level is a clear sign that we are heading in the wrong direction, it is a clear sign that we need to turn it around and head in the other direction.

Suffering is not a punishment it is an alarm bell to warn us of impending catastrophe on a grand scale if we persist on the path we are traveling.

The greatest Illusion of all is, believing that we are separate from God, that we can go against his will and that we can do it alone.

As long as we believe this falsehood we will suffer individually and collectively until we realise, we are the cause of our own suffering.

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