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Good Vs Evil

We live in a world of duality, where we can only understand or experience something by experiencing or understanding its opposite.

So we understand Darkness because we have experienced Light, we understand Cold because we have experienced Heat, we understand Good because we have experienced bad and so on.

This is largely how we experience the world around us, it gives our experiences , meaning or value or at least a frame of reference to gauge things with.

Largely speaking those who walk the spiritual path do their utmost to express what they consider to be virtuous qualities, love, compassion, humility, empathy, tolerance understanding etc.

Whilst others go through life with no real moral value or connection with others at all and believe that the world is a dog eat dog world and you have to look after number one , even if that means walking over others to get what you want.

In accepting Duality in this way we actually create opposing forces, we see people, situations, experiences, emotions, beliefs etc as Good or Bad, Positive or Negative, so we are constantly Judging people and experiences using our own frame of reference of what is right and wrong, good or bad, righteous or evil, this can lead to a great deal of frustration, disappointment and stress in our lives as we always seek the good, or seek out the positive experiences and fear the negatives or the bad experiences.

This frustration for the spiritual worker or Light worker (as they are more commonly called these days) can lead to a great deal of inner conflict as we experience negative people or situations on a daily basis that challenge our attempts to be good, moral, ethical, Spiritual or peaceful beings. This inner conflict can in fact be more harmful or more dis-empowering than the negative person or experience that we have just been faced with, as we struggle to maintain what we perceive to be Good.

What if we have this all wrong, what if the way we perceive the world is not accurate, what if we do not live in a world of duality at all with opposing forces of Good or Evil, or right or wrong, or light and dark.

What if our perspective is clouded by the nature of the experience we are currently having, what if it is clouded by the experiences that have led us to this point in life, that in fact determines in what way we perceive right and wrong.

What if these forces these experiences are not in opposition, what if these forces are not out to destroy or overcome each other, what if we are not meant to be struggling to maintain one of these experiences at all cost to the exclusion of the other ?

What if the reality is that we need both in order to create balance and harmony, what if Peace, Wholeness and Health can only be ours when we learn to balance these forces these experiences in our lives.

What if the negative life force is not negative at all and the positive life force is not positive at all, each seeks the other out in order to correct the current imbalance in our lives.

If this is the case then the harder we try to maintain one or the other states, the more we will create momentum or swing from one extreme to the other.

Perhaps if we understood the purpose of them both and allowed both in our life without the conflict, we may truly find Balance, Peace, Harmony. If instead of trying to master one or the other state we mastered both we may find true mastery and true empowerment.

Without interference, without opposition from us, without the conflict within us, there could be no swings between the two states and Peace within would be attained.

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