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Healers & Mediums
How to become a member


Amadeity is open for membership to all levels of Healers and Mediums regardless of whether you have had formal training or not.

We care more about your experience and your results and less about formal training.


We believe this makes us unique as other Organisations force you to fit into their particular methodology.

Whether you are a complete novice and want to develop as a healer or medium or whether you are a practising Spiritual / Reiki Healer  or Psychic Medium


Amadeity is an Organisation that is open to you.

We want you to have support and freedom without restriction in your personal and spiritual development

As a Full member of Amadeity


You will receive:


  • A Certificate

  • Access to our Members only area

  • Opportunity to become an Amadeity Mentor

  • Opportunity to become an Amadeity Tutor

  • Access to our Online Events.

  • You will also have the benefit of our support from the knowledge we have gained from years of experience in the field of Spiritual Development.


As a Student Member of Amadeity


 You will have access to the Course you signed up for plus any current freebies marked with an ** 

  • Open Circle **

  • Spiritual Service **

  • Breathwork Group**

  • Psychic Medium Development Course,

  • Closed Development Circle

  • HD-1 Spiritual Healing Course,


Full membership comes in one of two ways.


Direct Entry as a Full Member

: This category is for:


  • *Practising Healers / Mediums who have completed training with another organisation.

  • Full Members of another organization 

  • Those who have established/practiced as a healer or psychic medium for 1 year or more, who can provide Testimonials for the year leading up to your application.

  • Reiki 2 or higher subject to established practice as a Reiki healer for at least 1 year plus testimonials.



Upgrade from Student :


Full member accreditation is open to any student who has successfully completed  one of our relevant Development Courses plus any required Assessments.


and is subject to:


  • Completion of a relevant development Course

  • Completion of relevant Assessment.

  • Completion of 6 months membership as a Student

Currently we only offer accreditation on the following courses.

  • Psychic Medium Development course (MD-1)

  • Spiritual Healing Development  Course (HD-1)

Membership Fees for all Categories

  • Full Membership Annual Fee: £20

  • Dual Category Full Membership annual fee £30

  • Psychic Medium Student enrolment Fee £52

  • Healer Student enrolment Fee £75

Course fee is included in Student membership

Annual Fees are due on or before the date of your registration