Spiritual Awakening

HD-1 Course

HD-1 Syllabus

Our Professional Spiritual Healer development course is an Online Course There are 7 precorded videos of Live Teaching Lessons that you can watch at your own pace. 

It is complete with support in our facebook support group and access to our weekly online Shakti Healing Circle, for those who also want to work on healing  themselves. To register click the Join Here Button. Then select Healer Student.

The course will cover the following areas.

  • What is Spiritual Healing: A look at what Spiritual Healing is plus Views from experienced healers.
  • Nature of Healing: Looks at some of the factors in disease and the simple meaning of Healing
  • The Healer: Briefly looks at the role of the healer in the modern word
  • Practical exercises: Are interwoven throughout the course.
  • Self-Development: Looks at the responsibility of a healer and some of the things that can affect you.
  • Self Healing: Offers a few practical exercises to help keep you balanced and in harmony with yourself.
  • Protection: Examines whether protection is required, and if so protection from what.
  • Attunement: Explains the act and the purpose of attunement, it is not a Reiki Attunement.
  • Distant Healing: Explores Distant Healing, and offers several techniques to assist in the act of Distant Healing.
  • Chakras: In this course we will be examining 7 of the Major Chakras and 14 minor chakras.
  • Administration of a Healing Session: Covers a Healing session from the first point of contact through Explanation of the healing act , to possible questions you may be asked and also Record Keeping.
  • The Healing Experience: Offers a glimpse of how a Healing experience may affect a Patient, Physically, Emotionally and Psychologically.
  • Healing and the Law: Explores some of the legal requirements of being a Healer, such as Notifiable diseases, conditions you are not allowed to treat, claims you are not allowed to make, Healing with regard to animals, Children and pregnant women.
  • Contact Healing: Takes you through a Chair healing routine from beginning to end, and also a full Couch Healing Routine.

  • Appendix:
  • History of Healing: Objective to give you an idea of the foundation and background of the healing movement and how it developed to this moment in time.
  • Meditation: To give you an understanding of several different methods of meditation and its purpose or aim.
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    What Does Healer Training Involve?
  • Throughout the course you will be encouraged to think for yourself and develop your own thoughts and ideas,
  • Completion of the course and all assignments, plus two patient testimonials will lead to you being certified as a Full Healer member of Amadeity

What is Required?

You may be required to suspend some of your preconceived ideas about healing, healers, causes of sickness and disease.

You will be required to dedicate time and effort to the course in the same manner that you will be required to dedicate your time and effort to your patients/clients when you begin to practice.

You will be required to look within yourself and to learn and to grow spiritually, and develop in ways that may have profound effects on your life. You will be required to begin (if you do not already do so) to think, feel and act in a professional manner, a manner that will reflect the spirit of the healing movement in general.

What Can you expect? You can expect to gain enough knowledge and understanding to enable you to practise professionally and confidently as a healer either on your own or in partnership with a group.

You can expect to embark on a vocation or a career that is both rewarding fulfilling and challenging.

You can expect to have the privilege of sharing with your patients some of their deepest and inner most fears and worries, make no mistake about it, this is indeed a great privilege and honour to share these moments with your patients.

Assessment Will be ongoing throughout the course with assignments to be completed at home in your own time. Some of these will be written assignments, some will be research assignments and some will be practical.

Final Assessment
The final assessment will come when you apply to upgrade to Full healer member and acceptance will depend on a combined result of satisfactorily completed assignments, satisfactory Patient Testimonials from two patients who have received benefit from your healing in the 6 months up to your assessment.