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One-to-One Breathwork Session

Sessions take place online using Zoom:

You will need to be laying down on a Bed or sofa or laying back in a soft back or reclining chair.

Be dressed in something that is comfortable and not too tight around the waist and chest.

You will need to always have your webcam on showing the upper body from the waist up, this is a minimum (you may show whole body if you wish), this is for the purpose of monitoring your breathing throughout the session.

You will be guided into Deep Breathing and Breath Holding to Activate and cleanse your energy system. This may trigger the fight or flight response.

During this past of the session, you may experience

  • Tingling in the finger’s toes or limbs,

  • Thoughts or memories from the past occurring spontaneously to be released

  • Emotional abreactions (tears, anger, sadness etc)

  • Physical pain can manifest in almost any area of the body

  • Pure joy, euphoria, or ecstasy


Please do not be shy or embarrassed at anything that you feel, just allow yourself the freedom to express anything that arises, whether that be tears, anger, guilt, shame etc just allow yourself to express it.

Likewise, if you feel Joy, euphoria, ecstasy please do not be shy or embarrassed, just allow yourself to express it.

Sometimes you may feel the need to move the body, or to make a noise again allow yourself to express this by moving or making the noise.

It is very important that we express anything that arises.

To help release any emotions, I may ask you to breathe out with a deep sighing sound.

Again, do not be shy or embarrassed.

Throughout the whole time I will be talking/guiding you with the breathing and leading you on an inner journey to connect with your true essence, that part of you that is filled with power/ strength/courage and the wisdom to know exactly what you need to release.

This will be followed by a period of slow breathing to calm the energy and the Nervous system to allow healing to take place on a very deep level.


During this part of the session, you may experience any of the following:

  • Deep relaxation

  • Feelings of Peace

  • Sense of well being

  • Feeling of being connected and loved

  • Feeling of Bliss

  • Warm energy flowing through the body

  • Feelings of pleasure and or arousal

  • Gaining insight into your own life

  • Release of Negative thoughts, perceptions or memories

  • Release of Negative Emotions

  • Lessening of Physical pain

  • Deep Physical, mental or emotional Healing


This part of the session can be very deep, very moving, very powerful and often times very spiritual.

Throughout the whole session, I will be connected to you on an energy level bringing healing vibrations into your Physical, Mental and Emotional bodies, this too can be quite powerful as it is on the vibration of unconditional love.

All you need to do throughout the session is to follow my guidance, breathe and surrender, it is through surrender or by allowing whatever arises to arise and to be expressed, without holding it back that the greatest healing takes place.


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