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Breathe & Heal

Breathe & Heal

Breathe & Heal is a gentle yet Powerful Therapy

It is a combination of Relaxation, Breathing, Suggestion and powerful Healing Vibrations

The combination Breath techniques and suggestion brings about a state of relaxation.

This relaxed state allows me to connect with you so that you can receive the Healing Vibrations that I will be sending to you throughout the session.


The contents of a typical Breathe & Heal session are outlined below, session’s may differ to a degree depending on individual circumstances.

  • Sitting back or laying down with eyes closed.

  • Slow Conscious/ Connected Breathing

  • Guided Suggestions throughout the session to include

  • The Mental Body (Mind)

  • The Emotional Body (Feelings)

  • The Physical Body (aches & pains)

  • The Spiritual Body (Unconditional Love)

  • Followed by Dynamic Breathing

  • Followed by a period of Quiet reflection

Throughout the whole session which may last between 30 – 45 mins all you need to do is lay back relax, breathe, and follow my suggestions.

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