About Me


I have 40 years of experience in the Field of Spiritual and Personal Development. My accomplishments include.


  •  Diploma in Counselling from Rusland College (Bristol)

  •  Certificate of Therapeutic Hypnosis including Hypno-Analysis

  • Advanced Practitioner Breatharian Healing

  • Certificate levels 1,2,3 and 4 from the National Federation of Spiritual Healers

  • Certificates in Usui Reiki Healing Levels 1,2 and 3 

  • Level 2 Accreditation in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

  • Diploma in Emotional Freedom Techniques

  • Former Trustee with the World Federation of Healing

  • Natural Psychic Medium

  • President of the Amadeitist Spiritual Church

  • Minister with the Universal Life Church

  • I have also completed many other courses in Meditation, Mindfulness, Qi Gong


I spent 10 years as an Agoraphobic in my early twenties, with daily Anxiety / Panic attacks plus 5 Years spent almost completely housebound, before overcoming this debilitating condition. I have been Anxiety and Panic attack and medication free for over 25 years.

As a direct result of this experience, I set out on a voyage of discovery looking for answers, looking for techniques, looking for someone to cure me. Instead I was led on a voyage of self discovery, by going within and by breaking free from the effects of past trauma, I found not only myself, but also my purpose in life. I can help you to discover yourself, to help you to release yourself from limiting beliefs and ideas, and to heal trauma and pain created by past experiences.

This voyage has led me to create Amadeity a social enterprise (not for Profit) Spiritual Organisation, where I can reach out to those who are also seeking answers, in order to assist them in finding themselves too. So if you are a seeker I am keen to work with you.